commissioned work

Every commissioned work of Art requires a unique and fresh approach to the Art process. In taking a Client’s needs into account, I am often required to think outside and beyond the comfort zone of my visual practice.

A commission is a great stimulant for creativity. It is often an opportunity to work to a large scale; to work with new materials; to explore new themes; to create several pieces at once that can give rise to a whole new direction across a body of work.

I have worked on commissions for almost every environment: Hospitals, Schools, Credit Unions, Hotels and Restaurants, Pubs and the Corporate Sector as well as private clients. It is a process that involves interior designers, architects, Art Advisors, C.E.O.s etc. In my experience, the outcome usually exceeds the clients and my own expectations.

Please take a moment to browse the gallery(s) below.

Note: The paintings commissioned by Cafe Sol are for sale at the restaurant.

Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny

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